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Stunning Fall Flowers to Bring Autumn Colors into Your Home

When we catch that first sensation of crisp air whisking past us, our spirits begin to rise in anticipation that the fall season is just around the corner. Besides the cooler weather and tons of fun outdoor activities, the beauty of fall in the landscape all around us is hard to deny. It must be the way the sun’s rays permeate the atmosphere as the South Pole tilts closer to it, but elements of nature, and even the sunlight, take on a warmer, deeper, and richer hue. It’s these marvelous colors of fall that make this season stand out – the warm, brownish reds, vibrant oranges, golden yellows, and plummy purples we see painting the trees, fields, forests, and attire. 

Fall colors are in a class of their own which is why the Pantone Color Institute publishes their Top 10 Fall Colors Forecast each year. For 2021, their fall color selections range from joyful yellows and reds to calming greens, blues, and purples. Here at VanderSalm’s Flowershop, we love showcasing the gorgeous colors of fall with season florals. Mother Nature produces some of her most dramatic and dazzling blooms during this time of year. Check them out below! 

Celebrate the Colors of Fall With These Beautiful Blooms

Warm RedsBurgundy, Carmine, Maroon, Ruby, Scarlett & Crimson

The shades of red that appear in the fall are intense and enchanting. This hue provokes feelings of desire, passion, and power. Besides fall foliage and flowers, you’ll see a lot of this color in plaid blankets, apples, home decor, and fashion. With different names for different tones, there’s no getting away from captivating reds in autumn.

Fall flowers that bloom in shades of red: celosia, dahlia, dianthus, gerbera daisies, mums, and roses

Uplifting YellowsButterscotch, Gold, Goldenrod, Yellow Ochre & Saffron

What would we do without yellow? This lovely bright color is frequently associated with happiness, joy, and life. It’s also a color known for elevating pleasant and optimistic feelings. Fall yellows consist of many soft and warm hues such as butterscotch, saffron, and yellow ochre, as well as more vibrant royal and gold yellows. Look for pops of fall yellows in squash, corn, leaves, raincoats, and boots.

Fall flowers that bloom in yellow hues: billy balls, black-eyed Susans, celosia, Gerbera daisies, golden asters, mums, and sunflowers

Comforting OrangesAmber, Auburn, Carnelian, Ginger & Flame

Shades of orange are never more popular than in the fall! With pumpkin festivals and Halloween decorations, this robust color is everywhere. Warm and vibrant, the color orange evokes positive emotions, excitement, and enthusiasm. Shades of orange abound this time of year as seen in pumpkins, candy corn, gourds, sweaters, and mums.

Fall flowers that bloom in orange tones: bleeding hearts false sunflowers, calla lilies, dahlias, gerbera daisies, mums, roses, rudbeckia, zinnias

Natural BrownsChocolate, Sepia, Tan, Umber, Mahogany & Coffee

The browns of autumn have a natural, down-to-earth vibe promoting feelings of security, safety, and honesty. Warm shades of brown are a staple of fall and are seen all around from dropping leaves and hot cocoa to fireplaces and chocolate desserts.

Fall flowers that bloom in shades of brown: Chocolate cosmos, Echibeckia ‘Summerina Brown’, dahlias, dried coneflower heads, dried lotus pods, dried scabiosa pods, mums, orchids, pansies

Luxurious PurplesPlum, Lavender, Raisin, Amethyst & Mauve

Dark shades of purple represent power, sophistication, and luxury. In contrast to bright yellows, oranges, and reds, purple tones provide calm and quiet for balance. Lovely hues of fall purples are found in changing leaves, currants, sunsets, plums, and clothing.

Fall flowers in purple tones: asters, calla lily, cornflower, dahlia, heather, mums, ornamental kale, pansies, perennial sage, statice

Harmonious GreensEmerald, Fern, Forest, Olive & Verdant

Every bouquet of fresh flowers includes a variety of greenery. Popular in fall floral arrangements are seasonal greens in muted or mid-tones of greens so the flowers take center stage. The color green evokes feelings of health, serenity, and life and enhance all the colorufl blooms of fall.

Popular fall greenery to pair with autumn blooms: eucalyptus, dusty miller, leatherleaf fern, myrtle

Awesome Fall Flowers

Fall is the perfect time to celebrate the gorgeous blooms found in nature. Give your home an instant upgrade or lift a loved one’s spirits with a bouquet of seasonal blooms.  Find your perfect fall bouquet now!