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While the colors of the rainbow are linked to various meanings and feelings, different colored orchids prove to be a wealth of symbolism. Favorite orchids like Cymbidium, Dendrobium, and Phalaenopsis, can come in hues of pink, red, blue, white, purple, green, yellow, and orange. Each colored bloom has its own unique meaning. Here at VanderSalm’s Flowershop, the top florist in Kalamazoo, we are drawn to both the natural beauty of orchids as well as the allure of their symbolism. 

These flowers are perfect for almost any occasion as the general meaning of orchids ranges from love and charm to fertility and refinement. Find the perfect orchid hue for your next celebration, or just to spread a little joy, as we dive into the specific meanings and symbols of various orchid colors.

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Orchid Meanings Linked to Color

Blue Orchids

Did you know that orchids were once a rare and exclusive flower deeply desired by royal and wealthy families in the Victorian Era? As orchids remain a symbol of refinement, blue orchids symbolize the rare and unique beauty these flowers represent, as well as spirituality. Compared to popular pink tulips or romantic red roses, blue orchids are still seen as uncommon, yet prove to be the most charming and thoughtful.

Red Orchids

A bold red flower usually reminds us of love, passion, desire, and strength, all of which the red orchid symbolizes. This romantic bloom is ideal to send to your true love. The red orchid has also been connected to courage and strength throughout history. For instance, the ancient Aztecs used to mix chocolate with orchids to create an elixir that was believed to promote these powerful qualities.

Pink Orchids

The ancient Greeks linked orchids with fertility and even used the orchid’s tuberous roots to predict baby genders. Pink orchids remain a symbol of fertility in addition to innocence, gentleness, grace, happiness, and joy. These sweet blooms are a lovely way to celebrate baby showers, baptisms, and even weddings if the couple is hoping to grow a family.

White Orchids

White orchids are a wonderful bloom that symbolizes humility, elegance, innocence, beauty, and of course purity. Additional meanings of white orchids include faith, spirituality, and safety. Thus, this elegant flower is perfect for wedding bouquets and floral arrangements displayed in some places of worship.

Purple Orchids

While purple is associated with class and wealth, purple orchids parallel this symbolism with authority, royalty, and respect. In addition, this breathtaking bloom represents dignity and admiration. Purple orchids are a great and suitable choice to give to bosses, teachers, parents, or grandparents.

Yellow Orchids

Yellow orchids are a brilliant bloom that symbolizes friendship, joy, and new beginnings. This yellow flower proves to be the perfect choice for celebrating friends, spreading cheer, and helping someone enjoy a life new chapter.

Orange Orchids

A great orchid to send to your entrepreneur friends or display in your office is the orange orchid. As a symbol of pride, enthusiasm, and boldness, this striking flower is perfect for almost any occasion. The color orange itself also symbolizes sunshine, excitement, creativity, and success.

Green Orchids

Sending green orchids to family or friends who could use a little extra luck and goodness is a great and meaningful idea. These emerald flowers symbolize good fortune, good health, longevity, blessings, and nature. In Japanese culture, it’s believed that displaying a green orchid in your office or home will surely bring you good fortune in business and life.

As orchids symbolize love, charm, beauty, fertility, refinement, and thoughtfulness, they’re perfect to celebrate life’s precious moments. With a marvelous array of colors, these blooms are nothing short of special. Find the perfect hue and select the freshest flowers for your next occasion here at VanderSalm’s Flowershop.