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Flowers Plus One of These Luxuries = The Perfect Gift

 all around bright arrangement is stunning from every side. Beautiful hydrangea, gerbera daisies, spray roses, and fuji mums, are arranged together in a stunning arrangement. The pinks, oranges, yellows, and white in this arrangement will brighten up anyone's day.

Strawberry Lemonade

Flowers are one of the greatest gifts to give someone. People of all ages love them and they are an excellent gift for every occasion. Bright, beautiful, fragrant, and affordable…. flowers are the perfect gift! Not to mention, there are known health benefits of having flowers in your life. So, getting a bouquet of flowers is a no-brainer, but what if you also would like to include another gift to make this present even more special?

Here at VanderSalm’s Flowershop, Kalamazoo’s premier florist, we have got you covered! Not only do we offer a wide array of stunning floral bouquets, floral gifts, but we also have a collection of one-of-kind gifts as well. Additionally, we’ve listed below some other gift items which pair perfectly with flowers.

Floral-Themed Gifts to Send with Flowers

Petite cupcakes with pink flower decoration

Floral Decorated Fresh-Baked Goods

Freshly-baked cookies or decadent cupcakes are fabulous treats that pair perfectly with flowers. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a joy to your eyes and nose, and baked goods are a joy to your taste buds. Together, it is a delectable treat for all of your senses!

Pink and cream colored bath bombs on table with pink and lavender roses in background

Floral Inspired Spa Essentials

Floral scented soaps, luxurious lotions, and bath bombs are stress-relieving lux items that go perfectly with flowers. Just like smelling a pretty bouquet of flowers creates immediate tranquility and calm, so do aromatic spa essentials that help you to relax when using them. When pairing, choose a color or a fragrance to match the bouquet to show you have put a lot of thought into this amazing gift package.

Texture, pattern, canvas painted in oils. The picture painted flowers in a vase, me-nots, poppies.

Floral Prints or Paintings

Fresh flowers, unfortunately, don’t last forever, but their beauty can be captured in art and last a long, long time. Surprise your special someone with a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a fabulous painting or print of flowers to brighten her home and spirits. This could be either a small piece of art for a desk or a shelf, or a larger statement piece meant for a wall. Either way, a picture of flowers is a great way to liven up any room.

brooch flowers on a white background

Flower Themed Jewelry

A gift of sumptuous flowers paired with sumptuous jewelry is a win-win! Fancy pearl or diamond necklaces are incredible, but less expensive baubles such as a gold or silver charm for her favorite bracelet or nice earrings will also make the special woman in your life swoon when paired with fragrant lush blooms.

basket of flowers and a bottle of wine

Floral Enhanced Bottle of Wine

After going all day, a surprise gift of lush, fragrant flowers and a nice bottle of wine will absolutely make someone’s day. Savoring a glass of wine while cherishing some stunning florals is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the good things in life. Bonus points for buying a bottle of wine with a floral flavor of a stunning floral design on the label.

Candle with herbarium flowers. dried red flowers. on linen background

Floral Scented or Designed Candles

Lighting a candle immediately adds ambiance and tranquility to a space. Pairing candles, especially floral-scented candles or ones with a floral design, with flowers will make the surroundings even more romantic and elegant. Create a wonderful night of romance or relaxation your loved one won’t soon forget.

There are many gifts that couple well with flowers because florals themselves are the perfect gift and are loved and desired by everyone. Make any gift item you give to someone that much more amazing by adding flowers.