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Find a Gift Your Thanksgiving Host Will Adore

November has arrived, which means it’s the perfect time to bond with your family and friends and spend time remembering all the things in your life for which you are most grateful. If you’ve been invited to celebrate Thanksgiving Day or Friendsgiving at someone else’s home this year, be sure to extend your gratitude to your host with a thoughtful gift.¬†At VanderSalm’s Flower Shop and Garden Center, serving Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas, we’ve put together an extensive list of creative, thoughtful, and fun ideas for host and hostess gifts.

Why It’s Important to Bring a Hostess Gift

Bringing a gift is the traditional and politest way to thank your host for their hospitality. You should always bring a token of your appreciation when invited to someone’s home for a nice meal or other event. Bring a gift even if you’re attending a potluck-style meal because it still takes a lot of work to organize and prepare one’s home for guests.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Any Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Host

1. Friendsgiving


Similar to Thanksgiving, but strictly reserved for friends, Friendsgiving is a great way to spend time with your closest pals. It’s usually scheduled for the Wednesday before or after Thanksgiving Day to make sure everyone’s available. Less formal than Thanksgiving, fun is always on the table. Feel free to choose a playful gift for your host.

  1. A game to play after dinner
  2. Fuzzy, festive socks to keep your friend’s toes cozy all season
  3. A candle that smells like the best part of the season – pumpkin pie!
  4. An assortment of comical fridge magnets
  5. A fresh yoga matt to encourage a healthy holiday season
  6. Bath bombs to help your friend unwind after hosting
  7. A kitschy pair of oven mitts

2. Thanksgiving with Your In-Laws

Harvest Moon

You should never arrive empty-handed at your in-laws’ house. If you’ll be meeting your partner’s parents for the first time at Thanksgiving or have known them for ages, you should still bring a gift. They’re inviting you into their home, family, and holiday traditions. Show your gratitude with a thoughtfully selected hostess gift.

  1. A stunning arrangement of autumn flowers to brighten up any corner of the room
  2. A stylish cheeseboard with knives and cheese markers
  3. Whiskey stones and a bottle of locally distilled spirits
  4. High-quality serving utensils since everyone needs extras at Thanksgiving dinner
  5. A sleek essential oil diffuser with a pleasant holiday scent
  6. A pretty box of gourmet macarons or chocolates
  7. An expensive bottle of wine with a new opener, aerator, or a set of wine glass charms

3. Thanksgiving with Your Family

Amber Waves

If you plan to spend the Thanksgiving holiday at home, you should still bring a gift to show how much you appreciate your family. Choose an item your parents or grandparents will appreciate or bring something that’ll help everyone make happy memories on Thanksgiving Day.

  1. New toys to occupy the resident fur-friends
  2. A sunny arrangement of pretty autumn flowers
  3. A children’s game or craft project
  4. Hydrating hand wash so no one gets sick
  5. A set of decorative kitchen towels
  6. Specialty coffee to brew with dessert
  7. Festive coasters to protect your mom’s or grandma’s furniture

Fail-Proof Flowers Win Every Time

If you’re still not sure what sort of gift to get for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving host, then choose flowers, a potted plant, or a centerpiece. Nature never goes out of style, and these gifts are appropriate for any host. If you decide to bring flowers, be sure to purchase an arrangement that’s ready to go. Freshly cut flowers need to be trimmed and arranged, tasks that your host won’t have time to worry about while entertaining guests.

We welcome you to stop by VanderSalm’s Flower Shop and Garden Center for a personalized recommendation and assistance with finding a gift for your Thanksgiving host or hostess.