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A Sentimental Gift Guide with Valentine’s Day Flowers for Loved Ones

Although romance is emphasized, Valentine’s day is a celebration of love and applies to everyone that you love in your life. There are many “loves” in your life to celebrate, from family to friends. When it comes to getting a gift for that loved one who seems to have everything, especially among close friends and family, a stunning and thoughtful bouquet can symbolize the love that you have for them. However, choosing the right arrangement or bouquet for each family member can be difficult, which is why the experts here at VanderSalm’s Flowershop, the top florist in Kalamazoo, are offering tips for choosing the best Valentine’s day flowers for each member of the family, including your special someone.

Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Sentiment

Gifts for Your Father or Grandfather

Fathers are an important part of the family, and as young kids, we sometimes choose them to be our Valentines. As we grow older, although our Valentines may change, the love for our fathers and grandfathers does not diminish. While they may be expecting a new tie or some golf balls and the like, nothing expresses love and sentimentality better than meaningful, bold, and uplifting blossoms. A good choice may be something with a large and hardy stem that reminds you of their strength, such as gerbera daisies, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums. These hardy and beautiful flowers make excellent gifts for fathers, grandfathers, and in-laws.

Gifts for Your Mother or Grandmother

The mothers in our life are perhaps the most nurturing people we will ever meet, and your mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother are all ideal recipients for a lovely arrangement to honor their grace and beauty each Valentine’s Day. While their partners may be sending them romantic red roses, you can change it up by bringing in some pink, white, and lavender flowers that symbolize appreciation, admiration, gentleness, purity, perfection, refinement, elegance, and thoughtfulness. However, the perfect symbol of love for a mother is the pink carnation since they represent a mother’s undying love.

Gifts for Your Brother

Siblings can be frustrating, and brothers are no exception. However, brothers also always have our backs, whether their blood-related or not. This unique bond between brothers and their sibling deserves to be cherished and celebrated, and one of the best ways to do that is with an arrangement of freshly cut plants or flowers. Select bright blooms that they can display in their home or place of work. Tropical flowers are often a good idea, for instance, birds of paradise, orchids, and peace lilies, to remind them of your brotherly or sibling bond.

Gifts for Your Sister

Like brothers, sisters are people that you can count on in times of need or stress. However, when choosing flowers that best personify them, select something that is elegant, graceful, and gentle. The perfect flowers for your sister may be bright yellow or peach blooms that represent friendship, positivity, sincerity, sweetness, and appreciation. There are a great number of stunning and sensational blooms that you can send to symbolize your sisterhood, from roses and carnations to daisies and lilies and even the blue aster.

Gifts for Your Partner

The most natural recipient of flowers on Valentine’s Day is your partner. Whether they’re your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or fiance, celebrate your love with them this holiday in a big way. Traditionally, a man would send a woman a dozen red roses to express their love, passion, admiration, and devotion. This tradition continues well into today and even extends to men. Although roses remain a staple symbol of romance, don’t just limit yourself to red roses this Valentine’s Day. White roses are beautiful and symbolize purity, loyalty, innocence, and elegance, while lilies signify grace, longing, romance, love, passion, elegance, and femininity. These romantic flowers also pair well with another sweet and sentimental gift like a spa day, jewelry, a book, or tickets to a special experience you can share.

Flowers are one of the most versatile gifts. With them, you can express nearly anything enabling us to create beautiful and personalized gifts for our family and close friends. Remember that your floral arrangements can range in style, size, and luxury to create a perfect message and fall neatly within budget. This year, send uplifting fresh-cut Valentine’s Day flowers from your trusted florist in Kalamazoo, VanderSalm’s Flowershop.

Sentimental gift guide for flower buyers