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What To Include In Back-To-School Care Packages

As college students return to campus in the fall, we want to help you send them on their way successfully. Sometimes students don’t realize what they need until they get back to school. With a little help from the designers at VanderSalm’s Flowershop & Garden Center, you can send a great back-to-school gift care package that includes fun practical, items for your student.

Noise-Canceling Headphones Finding a quiet place to study on a college campus can be challenging, to say the least. Help your student shut out distractions and stay focused. With noise-canceling headphones they can work anywhere, anytime.

TV Streaming Device Don’t let their favorite show get in the way of missing class. Now they can watch what they want, when they want without missing a beat.

Tablet & Accessories Computers of any sort are a must-have at college. But a tablet is even easier than a laptop to bring to class and study sessions. Add accessories like a protective case, portable keyboard and headphones for even an extra convenience.

Storage Solutions A college student’s living space is usually pretty limited. Send storage containers in a variety of shapes and sizes for students. Help them utilize all of their space wisely and still find what they need.

Garden Walk Colorful Bouquet


A Special Thought From You Most of all, students need to know that you’re thinking of them while they are away at college. They also love receiving mail and gift packages. Send your student a fresh floral design, a fun indoor plant or a special treat basket the first week of class get them motivated and excited that for the coming semester.

Our Garden Walk brings a variety of bright blooms straight to your student. Enliven their dorm room with colorful sunflowers, pink gerbera daisies and fresh green hydrangea. Gorgeous color bursts forth from this compact glass cube vase- perfect for small spaces!


custom created succulent garden



Custom-made Succulent Gardens are designed with busy people in mind. Send students something that will last all semester, with or without their help. A variety of succulents and cactus arrive in a ceramic bowl that easily fits on a student’s desk or nightstand.




Naked Bee Variety Gift Basket

Our Naked Bee Variety Basket features soaps, lotions, lip balms and hand salves in a variety of fragrances. Choose 

your student’s favorite and delight them to no end when this basket arrives on their doorstep. 



Above all else, make sure your student knows that you’re thinking about them as they are away at college. Send something practical, meaningful and thoughtful the first week of class. Let them know that you’re there for them, even when far away. For more great back-to-school gift ideas, talk to the designers at VanderSalm’s Flowershop & Garden Center. We will be happy to supply you with more great ideas or the perfect gift design to be delivered directly to your student.