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Unique Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

Studies have shown the long-distance relationship (LDR) couples work harder at staying in touch and communicating with each other which leads to a higher rate of successful and happy marriages. This is great news for those couples who are no longer in a long-distance relationship, but for those who are, it’s still a hard road to be on.

One way to keep your LDR going strong until you can be together forever is to show them how much you care by sending thoughtful gifts that are perfect for your situation. Here at VanderSalm’s Flower Shop, Kalamazoo’s finest florist, our specialty is romance and we know of some great LDR gifts to keep your love burning hot!

Long-Distance Relationship Gifts Ideas

open photo book with pictures of couple on beach

Photo Book

A creative way to share memories, putting together a personalized hard-cover book with some of you and your other half’s most special moments caught in pictures is a great way to stay connected. With photo book services like Shutterfly, you can upload your favorite couples pics or pictures from a recent trip and put the book together yourself. You can add graphics, text, as many pictures as you want – it’s a great way to capture a collection of special moments without endless scrolling. Once you’re done, a hard-cover photo book will be mailed to your special someone. Print one out for yourself, too!

a lovely dozen roses in various hues is arranged into a bubble bowl

Bouquet of Roses

A flower so special it’s been written about by countless authors, poets, and philosophers, and has been a symbol of love since the time of the ancient Greeks. There is probably no better gift than a bouquet of roses to let your significant other know how much you care about them and love them. All roses symbolize love, but different colored roses have their own special meanings. Red, however, is the color associated with deep passion, romance, and endless love. If you want to mix it up, though, an arrangement of several different colored roses, like our Bubble Bowl Rose Sorbet, will certainly still get the message of love and adoration across no problem.

pair of leather bracelets with silver plate engraved with coordinates

Personalized Coordinates Bracelets

A gift unique only to you and your love, these simple yet charming and elegant bracelets have your home coordinates engraved on them. You would wear the bracelet with your loved one’s coordinates and they would wear the one with your coordinates that way you can both keep each other close. Another option is to have both of the bracelets with the unique coordinates of where you first met each other. Coordinate bracelets come in a variety of colors and materials to suit your style.

Purple light up lamps

Long Distance Touch Lamp

These touch lamps are a decorative and wonderfully cute way to feel close to your special person when you’re far apart. Each of you will have a lamp connected to WiFi, and when you touch it, the other person’s lamp lights up letting them know you’re thinking about them. When they respond by touching their lamp, a new color will light up on both lamps.

Tall Snake Plant


A living plant is something that needs to be cared for, nurtured, and watered for it to grow and thrive – much like a relationship. The plant can be seen as a metaphor for your relationship; if it’s loved, it will flourish, and seeing the plant will make them think of you. If this seems a bit too deep, that’s ok. Plants still make great gifts for their air-purifying and mood-boosting benefits. Plus, it can be the first plant you bring into your new home together when you and your love are finally together forever. Snake plants are a great option as they are hard to kill, cool-looking, and wonderful air-cleaners.

You know you’ve selected the right gift if it has meaning to you and your long-distance beau and is something you can both treasure and reminisce on in the future. And, remember, for the quickest and easiest way to send a gift from the heart, you can never go wrong with gorgeous seasonal flowers. There’s no better gift on the planet than a beautiful bouquet of colorful, fragrant fresh flowers.