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Posted by VanderSalm's Flower Shop on May 18, 2021 | Last Updated: January 17, 2023 Uncategorized

Summer’s Bright Botanicals for Your Home

It’s summertime and everywhere you go you’re bound to see colorful blossoms in backyard gardens, fields, florist shops, and garden centers. Plants and flowers are thriving this time of year and the vibrant colors of summer blooms are a great way to perk up your home and your spirits. The amazing botanicals of summer are too many to count, but here at VanderSalm’s Flowershop, Kalamazoo’s top florist, we’ve selected a few of our favorites. Gather up some of these striking blooms from your garden or from your local florist and celebrate the best this season has to offer!

Summer’s Most Popular Flowers

Calla Lilies

A graceful and elegant flower, Calla lilies are stunning summer flowers. They come in a variety of colors such as purple, pink, yellow, and orange, and burgundy. The most popular color, however, is white which symbolizes purity, luck, and wedded bliss.


Dahlias are large blooms full of many smaller petals compacted in a circular shape. They come in several bold colors such as peach, lavender, red, orange, yellow, and white. These blooms are absolutely breathtaking and always steal the show.


Daisies are a simple yet joyful flower that grows in number of vibrant colors. The white and yellow daisy, though, known as the Shasta Daisy, is by far the most popular. These charming buds are seen everywhere during the summer.


Delphiniums have clusters of delicate, bright, flowers which grow on a vertical stem, making this flower popular amongst florists. They add a pop of linear color to arrangements and look striking on their own as well.


Full, lush, round, and gorgeous, the peony is an amazing bloom. Its abundance of frilly petals clustered together is almost decadent. It’s become one of the most popular summer wedding flowers.


Beautiful, large, delicate, and fragrant, the rose thrives in the summer sun. The rose is a symbol of love in many countries across the globe and comes in a variety of rich colors. It’s the most popular flower in the world.


With vibrant, bright yellow leaves surrounding a large orange disc, it’ hard not to smile when looking upon a sunflower. Radiating warmth, energy, and joy, sunflowers are perfect for perking up your home and your spirits.

More Summer Blooms to Fall in Love With


Asters have a striking star-like appearance with many skinny petals encircling a bright yellow disc. Coming in a wide array of colors, these charming blooms look great wherever you place them.


The vibrant blue of the cornflower really makes it stand out. They do grow in other colors, but it’s the intense blue for which they are best known. A vibrant pop of color like this is a welcome surprise.


Delicate and flowy, the cosmos bloom also packs in a lot of bold color and charm. This wildflower delights all who see it.


Known for its soothing and pleasant scent, lavender blooms are also quite beautiful. The subtle purple color and clusters of small flowers evoke an English cottage garden type of vibe.


Lush and frilly, lisianthus blooms grow in lovely shades of pink, peach, purple, and white. These magnificent blooms are steadily growing in popularity.


So charming! Coming in pretty colors of pink, purple, and red, the waxflower has 5 rounded petals with a waxy look that almost makes them appear artificial. They are commonly found in wedding arrangements.


A fabulous summer bloom full of bold color and numerous petals, the zinnia is a lush flower full of joy. Place them in a vase by themselves or mix in with other summer flowers where they will still shine.

Don’t let the summer season pass without enjoying the beauty, vibrancy, and joy of summer flowers. Decorate your home with the season’s best and celebrate summer in style. Check out our collection of summer blooms here.