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Posted by VanderSalm's Flower Shop on February 19, 2024 Uncategorized

Sending A Big, Blossoming “Thank You” to Honor Your Crew on IWD

Choosing to send flowers on International Women’s Day (which will be here soon, on March 8th!) is a brilliant way to express your love and respect for the amazing women in your life. Mimosa flowers are particularly symbolic of IWD thanks to their long-standing association with the day and their meaning of strength and sensibility. Of course, your favorite spring blooms like peonies, tulips, and gerbera daisies also make beautiful gifts of admiration and gratitude toward the women and allies you look up to. A fabulous way to customize a fresh floral bouquet for IWD is with the day’s classic colorway of purple, green, and white blooms – which represent loyalty, justice, hope, and purity. But once you’ve decided on the perfect bouquet from VanderSalm’s Flowershop, the best florist in Kalamazoo, what’s next? On IWD, there are so many people you can thank, honor, and celebrate! If you’re not sure who should be at the top of your list, consider these important people in your life.

Female Family Members

Our grandmas, moms, aunts, and sisters have been there since day one, helping you grow and flourish in all the best ways. I mean, women in the family? They’re real-life superheroes, juggling work, caregiving, making holidays magical, and just about everything else. So, on IWD, slide them a bouquet filled with love and admiration for their daily strength and inspiration. Even if you’re miles away, sending flowers is the virtual hug that keeps you connected and says, “I wouldn’t be half the woman I am without you. I love you!” Now, that’s some serious love powered by flowers.

Your Biggest Supporters,

IWD isn’t just about celebrating the fantastic women in your life; it’s also a moment to acknowledge the incredible friends and allies who’ve had your back and hype you up. Support from the people in your corner is what matters most! Allies who stand up for the women they love are the real change-makers in the fight for equality. So, of course, they deserve some fresh blooms on IWD! It’s the ideal opportunity to celebrate love, unity, and inclusivity.

Mentors and Teachers

We’re sure you remember that one teacher who always gave out the best candy or the teacher who would end class early to let you play a game with friends, but you might equally remember the professor who inspired you to take that business course, and well, look at you now! The mentors and educators who ignited new passions (from Shakespearean sonnets and poetry to the technical side of AV club) leave a trail of inspiration that lasts forever. We’re sure they would love to hear from you, especially on IWD! Sending them flowers can be a fun way to catch up and thank them for helping you shatter those glass ceilings and break through barriers you didn’t know were possible.

Inspiring Co-Workers

Co-workers can make or break your work environment, and if you’re lucky enough to have ones who have become some of your best friends, then you have hit the jackpot! On IWD, it’s more than the co-workers that you like. It’s the one you look at during meetings (whether you roll your eyes together or signal for backup), the one you ask to proofread your reports, or the one that you immediately call to celebrate your wins! These outstanding women and allies in your workplace bring the positive vibes, the inspo, and the fierce determination to slay those goals. They certainly deserve some flowers on IWD!


Why send flowers to yourself on IWD? Because it’s an instant mood-booster, because you’re embracing self-love, and because you totally deserve them! Treating yourself is the ultimate self-care flex, and sending yourself flowers is one of the ultimate power moves. It’s a declaration of independence and self-worth that screams all the words of affirmation. Creating positive rituals, like sending yourself flowers, is all about nurturing a healthy self-appreciation vibe. Make it your go-to tradition every IWD for some serious self-love and a reminder to keep going!

No matter who you’re thinking of this IWD, be it an inspiring woman or your most supportive ally, VanderSalm’s Flowershop is ready to make their day bloom with joy.

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