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Posted by VanderSalm's Flower Shop on February 11, 2022 | Last Updated: January 17, 2023 Uncategorized

Moms Deserve the Freshest Blooms for Mother’s Day – Here’s Where to Find Them

Moms should be shown our love and appreciation every day, but particularly on Mother’s Day – the one time a year we come together collectively to honor and celebrate all the wonderful moms and mother figures out there. Flowers are the appropriate and most-wanted gift for moms, so your friends here at VanderSalm’s Flowershop are giving you the inside scoop on how to make this year one of the best Mother’s Days yet with only the freshest and most beautiful blooms. Read below to find out how to get the best blooms for your buck.

The Best Flowers for Mom & Where to Find Them

No Surprise Here….the Best Flowers Are From the Florist, Not a Big-Box Store

Each time you walk into a grocery store, a big box store, or a gas station, you are met with bright and colorful flower bouquets at what seems to be a great price. Just say “no!” No to cheap flowers that have been cut weeks ago, traveled in crowded storage, and consist of mostly low-quality filler-flowers. This is NOT the way to get the most from your hard-earned cash. Quality, fresh-cut blooms from a real florist will last waaaaay longer than those others. So go quality over convenience – Moms deserve it!

How to Get the Best Flowers for Mom

You can get the very best flowers for mom from a local, real, brick-and-mortar florist.  Flowers from the florist are always from the best farms, have the best quality, and have the longest vase life. Cheap flowers begin to wilt in as little as 4-5 days, whereas high-quality blooms can last up to 3-4 weeks with proper care. Local florists are experts at selecting quality blooms and working with a wide variety of flowers to create amazing arrangements you’ll never see in big-box stores.

Unique and Lavish Arrangements Perfect for Mom

Flowers sold in generic stores are a mixture of weeks-old blooms bundled together with a lot of filler. Moms deserve better, and so do you! Get your money’s worth with a gorgeous arrangement crafted by a floral design expert that will blow her away. A quick and simple way to ensure a unique, breathtaking design is to select the “Designer’s Choice” options. These are one-of-kind original arrangements put together with fresh, quality seasonal blooms. Many “wire-service” florists (online companies pretending to be real florists) display cookie-cutter designs that are copied en masse and available across the nation. Make sure the florist you order from has a real brick-and-mortar shop and then check out the Lux or Designer’s Choice categories to make sure mom gets truly exceptional.

Top Customer Service

Florists love their customers and will go out of their way to make sure both the giver and receiver have the best floral experience possible. Don’t expect that from a 1-800 floral delivery service. Large online floral retailers take your order only to source it out to one of their “partner” florists for a fee. If you have a problem with your order, you’ll have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it resolved. Floral shop owners take pride in putting customers first and fixing all issues quickly and graciously. Plus, if you have a rush delivery or an unusual request, a small florist shop owner can perform miracles to make your wishes come true.

Meaningful Words

Flowers are known for conveying feelings and sentiments without words. Based on the type of bloom and the color of a bloom determines the emotion you are trying to state. However, not everyone is schooled in the language of flowers and many recipients also expect to receive some kind of not to accompany a beautiful bouquet. Florists have spent years sending flowers for all types of occasions and feelings and can help you compose a message too.  In fact, often you can find a collection of written messages on local florist’s websites if you are seeking a few encouraging or loving words.

Something Extra

Many local florists also have a collection of unique gifts or hand-made treats you can include with your floral gift. From candles to boxes of chocolates or sentimental knick-knacks, check out the gifts section to find a little something extra to send along with the flowers.

Ready to give mom only the best? Then check out our selection of gorgeous Mother’s Day blooms and unique gift items. We have everything right here to make sure the mom(s) in your life get the very best.