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10 Houseplant Care Myths

Plant sales have skyrocketed in recent years as people are realizing the many benefits of having greenery in the home provide, such as boosting your mood and reducing stress levels. With so many people becoming new plant owners, they will likely care for them based on what they’ve heard from friends and family. Unfortunately, some of those old wives’ tales on plant care are founded on false information. These so-called “myths” are likely to do more harm than good, which is why the plant and flower experts here at VanderSalm’s Flowershop are setting the record straight. Listed below are common plant care myths that you should not follow.

Popular Plant Care Myths to Ignore

MythI Don’t Need to Water My Cactus or Succulents

Cacti and succulents still need watering from time to time. During the summer months when succulents are in growth mode, they’ll require more water than during the winter months. Check the leaves of succulents to ensure they are plump and firm. If they are soft, then they need water.

MythPlants Grow Faster in Bigger Pots

Plants are naturally wired to grow at a certain rate, relardless of the size of their container. ┬áThe biggest factors that affect a plant’s growth are the amount of sun, water, and nutrients it receives. The only concern with a very large pot is an abundance of soil could retain too much water, which could lead to root rot.

MythHouseplants Should be Watered on a Schedule

Some people believe that if they just water a plant on the same day, or days, every week, then all will be fine. However, there are numerous factors that affect the moisture of the soil, and watering based on a schedule could result in over-watering or under-watering. Lighting conditions, humidity levels, and the time of year all affect how much a plant grows which, in turn, affects how much water the plant takes in. For the best results, check the plant’s soil to determine whether it’s dry or still moist before watering.

MythMisting Plants Increases the Humidity

Misting plants does not affect humidity levels unless you’re misting every hour, every day. However, misting will keep your plant’s leaves clean.

MythIndoor Plants Need Direct Sunlight to Thrive

Besides succulents, few houseplants benefit from being in direct sunlight for long periods of time because it’s too harsh. Indirect, bright light that is dappled or diffused is the best lighting condition for most plants.

MythA Wilting Plant Is a Sign it Needs Water

There are several things that can cause a plant to wilt besides a lack of water. Check the soil; if it’s wet, the plant may be getting too much water. Check the leaves for pests that could be causing damage. Too little sunlight can also cause drooping and wilting. If all signs point to the soil being dry, then give it a good soaking and keep your eye on it for a few days.

MythOrchids are High-Maintenance and Difficult to Care For

The exotic and lovely orchid often scares people from owning them because they have a reputation for being difficult. Not so! Once you have a regular water regimen that works, they are pretty much hands-off. Orchids like a good soaking once every week or two. There is also the ice-cube method where you place 3 ice cubes on top of the orchid container once a week. Wichever watering method you choose, you may still need to adjust the amount of water based on what your orchid likes.

MythStones, Place Pebbles or Stone in the Bottom of a Plant Container to Improve Drainage

This is a common practice for many plant parents, but studies show that stones do not improve drainage at all. In fact, water drainage is impaired when it moves between layers of different particle sizes. Only when the water reaches an over-saturation point that the pressure forces it into the lower level of debris. At this point, though, the soil will be overly wet, which can lead to root rot. Resist the urge to place anything other than soil in the container, which should have adequate drainage holes.

MythHumidity Around a Plant Can be Increased by Placing it On or Near a Tray of Pebbles and Water

Placing tray of water and pebbles near your plant has no affect on humidity levels. As water molecules evaporate, they spread in all directions – not just towards your plant.

MythPotting Soil Should Not be Reused

Reuse old soil when transplanting a plant into a larger container. It’s perfecty fine as most potting soil is composed of a peat moss mix that decomposes very slowly.

Learn more about plant care essentials and how to care for certain popular houseplants by visiting our Plant Care page. Then, peruse our plant and flower selections to add even more greenery to your life!