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Visit our greenhouse in Kalamazoo or shop online for outdoor container plants! VanderSalm's has a wide array of outdoor patio pots and hanging baskets for your home and garden.

Sending a patio pot or hanging basket from VanderSalm's Kalamazoo Greenhouse is like sending a burst of nature's beauty and tranquility to your loved ones. These living arrangements are more than just plants; they are works of art that can transform any outdoor space into a lush oasis.

Patio pots are versatile and perfect for adorning patios, decks, or balconies with vibrant colors and greenery bursts. They bring life and character to any outdoor setting, whether a cozy corner or a spacious garden. VanderSalm's expertly crafts these pots with a combination of flowers, foliage, and textures, ensuring a stunning visual display throughout the season. Hanging baskets are a charming way to add vertical beauty to any outdoor area. Suspended from hooks or brackets, they create a whimsical and eye-catching display that can turn an ordinary space into a garden paradise. VanderSalm's hanging baskets are brimming with cascading flowers and greenery, creating a breathtaking focal point.

Sending a patio pot or hanging basket from VanderSalm's is not just a gift; it's an opportunity to enhance the recipient's outdoor living experience. These living arrangements bring the joy of gardening to even the busiest of individuals, making it a thoughtful and enduring gesture that nurtures both the spirit and the environment.

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