NOTE: Each Kokedama is put together by hand, so each one and the plants used, will be unique.

Living Art Kokedama (Moss Ball)

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Discover the timeless beauty of the kokedama, a living art form that has captivated hearts for centuries. Handcrafted by our skilled plant experts, each kokedama is a unique masterpiece, a mesmerizing fusion of nature and creativity. These exquisite moss balls are not just plants; they are living sculptures. 

Our kokedama is a celebration of biodiversity. Each one is a lush, green ecosystem, featuring a diverse array of plants that harmoniously coexist within their mossy enclosure. It's like having a small, self-contained garden in your living space. 

Your kokedama comes with a stylish terracotta saucer, perfect for your table or countertop. However, these captivating creations can also be hung, suspended in the air, adding an ethereal touch to any room.

Elevate your space with a living masterpiece that transcends time - our kokedama. Embrace the allure of nature's artistry and bring the serene beauty of the kokedama into your life. 

Caring For Your Living Art: Keeping your kokedama thriving is a breeze. The weight of the moss ball is your best indicator. When it feels light, it's time to water it. Soak it in water for about ten minutes followed by proper draining will rejuvenate your kokedema. Watch for browning tips, a sign of thirst, or yellowing leaves, a sign of overwatering or that it didn't fully dry out between waterings. 

As the plants within your kokedama grow and thrice, they may need more space. Typically a rewrapping is recommended every two years, allowing it to continue to beautify your space.

DELIVERY: Every order is hand-delivered direct to the recipient. Items are delivered by us locally, or a qualified retail local florist if the item is available for delivery outside our local routes.

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